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NomaD pipes - brief introduction

Couple of years before we had an idea for a second brand budget pipes, produced by me and with certain characteristics. My wife told me "You have to make such pipes that you smoke and like"..... So, this was the start of my second brand. I called it NomaD because had in mind the idea for simple, small to medium sized pipe, which anyone can handle easily and use everywhere. The name come out from so-called "modern nomad" - traveler, commuter, person who is on the move constantly. Such person would like a pipe that is easy to handle, small because there is no too much time for smoking, can be in the pocket with the keys and nothing will not happen to it and most important will work perfectly in any weather. Therefore, this is how NomaD pipes came. I make these pipes in four classic shapes so far and in two finishes - Rusticated black and dark brown/reddish contrast with acrylic handmade stems. The work characteristics are equal to all my pipes, no compromise with the smoking capabilities. It seems the idea was widely appreciated and many pipe lovers enjoy their NomaDs now. Thank you all for the support!

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