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About me

I make handmade smoking pipes since 2006, producing mostly freehand shapes. While his professional pipe-making career developed, my yearly output grew up to over 200 pipes in different grades and bespoke orders.

Materials and Craftsmanship

I am selecting my materials very carefully. The briar is hand-picked from the mill and seasoned for at least 3 to 6 months before processing. The mouthpieces of my pipes always are handmade from Ebonite rods, specifically made for each particular pipe and the tenons are Delrin or Ebonite. Shaping before drilling is the main method I am using in my work.

The first priority in my work is the perfect function, then come balance and design. Design follows function is my guiding principle, while at the same time the shape follows the natural grain of briar.

Attention to Detail

Details are paramount in pipe making. My mouthpieces are handcut and fitted for each pipe.

Special Attention to Mouthpieces

I like thin and comfortable mouthpieces, therefore the mouthpieces on my pipes are thin enough and comfortable by my personal standards, ensuring constantly good airflow while smoking.

Finishing Methods

Following the best examples of the craft, I developed unique methods of approaching the briar, according to the grain, shape, balance and function, but my finishing technique differs from pipe to pipe. The finishing process may include multiple re-sanding and re-polishing of the pipe until the best result is achieved. Sometimes days are needed to complete a pipe.

For my Grading System, please click on this link...

George Boyadjiev
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